Wednesday, October 15, 2008

People get ready....

New modules and blocks released for Moodle!

Moodlerooms has released a number of new tools that we have been working on for the past year:

Course Management: schedule bulk restores of courses, set unique settings for each courses (course name, defaults, etc), batch delete courses, all in one handy block.

The course management block was developed to increase site administrator’s productivity and reduce peak load on Moodle servers caused by the backup and restoring of courses. The Course management block allows Moodle site administrators to schedule backup and restores of courses at non-peak Moodle usage times. It also allows Moodle site administrators to delete multiple courses at one time from one user interface. 

Themed Resource: give each resource it's own CSS 'theme' and or re-use themes on multiple resources. Add background colors/images, rounded corners, etc. to a Moodle HTML resource.

And this is just the start of a set of exciting new releases from the Moodlerooms Development team:-).

Gather up your long tail, and look out over the flat earch because we're headed for a tipping point:-).

New Moodlerooms releases.